Phoenix Box will supply a packaging solution tailored to your exact requirements. Flexibility is a key factor in our service:


Just In Time (JIT) / Kan Ban

Our bespoke JIT system enables our clients to operate a stockless purchasing system. Phoenix take control and responsibility for stock management against agreed min and max stock levels. In effect Phoenix will become an extension of your own warehouse. Phoenix can operate JIT combined with VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) where Phoenix also monitor client on site stock with regular stock checks and automatic stock replenishment to preset levels.


Direct Line Feed

Our Dyson case study showcases Phoenix's ability to deliver materials / products direct to your production line for immediate use.

  • Competitive unit price based on Maximised JIT production run lengths
  • Valuable space is freed up for production or storage of finished goods
  • Financial resources are no longer tied up in stock of corrugated cases
  • Peace of mind – stock is delivered how, where and when it is required
Phoenix Box Warehouse Internal

Free up valuable space – your business is not storing cardboard!